The industry is looking for a new accurate and fast measuring system.

Temperature measurement systems in production processes are among the crucial parts of the infrastructure. Invented by InTherSoft Team thermometer and software allows determining transient temperature of fluid with high pressure and temperature in shorter time.


Precise information on temperature level is essential for most of the companies. It is required in particular during installations startups and power down phase. Even slight overheating of the equipment may lead to problems in its operation. Excessive temperatures and rapid temperature changes cause higher strain on the equipment and can shorten its lifespan. Existing measuring systems are inaccurate and shows the temperature about 50 seconds later - and does not indicate the actual but delayed temperature.


- elimination of metal overheating
- faster and safer start-ups, shut downs, and load changes of the power plant units
- superheated steam temperature control
- optimization of the heating and cooling processes
- lifetime extension of the pressure elements in industrial installations


- energy production
- petrochemical industry
- chemical industry